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Barn Invests in Origem Motos Eléctricas

24 July 2020

Barn Investments made an undisclosed investment in Origem Motos Eléctricas, a Brazilian manufacturer and B2B provider of electric motorbikes. Brazilian accelerator Cotidiano and SMU Crowdfunding are previous investors.

(Press Release) Origem Motos designs, manufactures and rents out its motorcycles as a service in a B2B business model. Through its proprietary technology and design, Origem’s motorcycles and swappable battery stations will revolutionize the logistics and DSPs (delivery service providers) markets. Be aware though…and be sure to sharpen your hearing skills as next time you order your food and shopping items, or are waiting for that important piece of mail to reach your doorstep, you might need to pay closer attention to the doorbell as you might not hear that good old noisy motorcycle arriving! Hopefully in no time your delivery will be made through one of Origem’s sustainable, electric and silent motorcycles!

We believe Origem will transform the way logistics and deliveries are made in Brazil and LatAm. This unique company and business model was created and founded by three Brazilian engineers who saw in offering electric motorcycles as a service a great opportunity to market a sustainable, clean, low cost, and asset light solution for businesses that run their own fleets, as well as delivery services who use motorcycles as their main transportation mode.

Brazil has the largest motorcycle fleet in the western world, and has seen demand for these assets increase significantly throughout these years. We believe this sustainable alternative to the current fossil fueled  motorcycles will be a norm looking forward, and we are very happy and proud to be able to lead this investment round and help the Company grow its business and expand its operations.

When it comes to sustainability we walk the….or actually, in this case, we actually drive the talk!

If you want to learn more please check out the Company’s website: and/or reach out to us and we will be more than happy to share more info and insights on this incredible business and investment.