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Backup Solutions Provider b-datum Reveals US$1.4 Million Investment

9 May 2013

(Pulso Social) b-datum, a Brazil-based provider of backup solutions in the cloud, has received a million-dollar boost. The company announced an investment of US$1.4 million (R$2.8) from Haya Investimentos late last month.

Based in São Paulo, b-datum has created a BaaS (Backup as a Service) platform geared towards small businesses. Its secure, efficient and affordable solution is an alternative to SMEs without the budget or sophistication to build their own software, host their own servers or expand their in-house IT teams.

Its solution is ideal for businesses like pharmacies, online retailers, convenience stores, laboratories and others that require absolute certainty in data protection for information like customer records, business transactions and security images.

b-datum was founded in 2012 and will utilize the funds to really ramp up its operations. The goal: US$2.5 million in revenues by 2014Thiago Rondon, Founder and CEO of b-datum, discussed the advantages of his company’s solution:

Truly efficient security-based data backup that doesn’t use makeshift solutions, such as file-sharing sites, is one of the biggest technology problems faced by SMEs today. This investment will give us the force to expand our protection platform throughout Brazil.

Marcelo Hayashi of Haya Investimentos echoed:

The objective of Haya Investimentos is to provide capital and strategy for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and a high potential for growth, supplying infrastructure and consulting. We made a significant contribution to b-datum because we believe it has a strong capacity for growth as well as technological expertise.