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ALLVP and Mountain Nazca Lead USD20m Seed Round for E-commerce Holding Wonder Brands

14 April 2021

ALLVP and Mountain Nazca led a USD20m seed round for Wonder Brands, a Mexico-City based e-commerce holding company looking to acquire and optimize independent brands currently selling in platforms such as Amazon and Mercado Libre, with participation from GFC, QED Investors, and angels from Cornershop, Fair Play and Guiabolso.

(Press Release) – Mexico City, April 14th, 2021 – The ALLVP team is pleased to announce its investment with Mountain Nazca in Wonder Brands.

Founded by Federico Malek and Nicolas Gonzalez Luna, Wonder Brands seeks to federate a league of brands to ride the wave created by the recent explosion of Amazon and Mercado Libre marketplaces in Latin America. Its model is based on the acquisition of under-optimized businesses, typically small-medium independent sellers in a highly fragmented industry. The company then supercharges operations and accelerates sales by leveraging technology and supporting different areas such as data science & analytics, digital marketing, supply chain management, and working capital optimization.

Federico and Nicolas have the perfect combination of eCommerce and M&A expertise. We’ve rarely seen a team execute this fast and with such strategic clarity. We are thrilled to partner with Wonder Brands and to see them conquer one of the hottest markets on the planet.’ mentioned Antonia Rojas, Partner of ALLVP.

Latin America is the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce market. According to figures published by S&P Global Market Intelligence’s 451 Research, eCommerce is growing at an accelerated rate that surpasses six times offline sales reaching $5.8 trillion by 2022. Unlike other markets where one marketplace dominates, the region’s growth is driven by the unprecedented growth of two market leaders, Amazon and Mercado Libre.

“With our investment, Wonder Brands will establish partnerships with brands, so they can gain added value in the areas of technology, support of different data science & analytics, digital marketing, supply chain, management, and finance teams. This will help brands triple their growth, respond to the needs of their consumers, diversify their products and audiences, and generally reach the top of their product category.” commented Hector Sepulveda, Managing Partner at Mountain Nazca.

With this round, Wonder Brands consolidates its position as the leader among the e-commerce roll-up plays. To date, it has raised $20M in equity and extensive debt financing to deploy in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina. The company is finalizing the acquisition of its first brands to join their rocketship.

“We have analyzed more than 3,000 companies, of which we have selected 100 and decided to invest and partner with 5 true gems. We carry out a due diligence process with the highest standards and look for high-impact entrepreneurs who have developed incredible brands in their categories and demonstrated aggressive growth rates. When we find these teams the connection is immediate, and we are willing to invest significant sums of capital to help them grow and become undisputed leaders in their respective categories.”- says Federico Malek, co-founder of Wonder Brands.

In addition to ALLVP and Mountain Nazca, Wonder Brands has the support of GFC, led by Oliver Samwer, founding partner of e-commerce juggernaut Rocket Internet, and Fontes, the new seed fund of QED, one of the leading FinTech investment funds globally. Likewise, more than 30 entrepreneurs from Latin America including the founders of Cornershop, Fair Play, and Guiabolso are joining the adventure.

About Wonder Brands

Wonder Brands is a Latin American startup specialized in partnerships with successful digital brands to contribute to their growth. The implementation of its strategy is achieved by injecting significant investment into partner companies to exponentially increase working capital, marketing, and equipment, as well as providing added value in the areas of technology, digital marketing, supply chain, and management.


ALLVP is a leading VC investment fund in Spanish-speaking Latin America. Founded in 2012, the firm manages more than $200 million in 3 funds. ALLVP invests in teams that are looking to transform the daily lives of people in Latin America, impacting the way they buy, move, interact with the financial system and learn. The ALLVP team has invested in 36 companies, including Cornershop the supermarket marketplace, Robinfood the region’s largest cloud-restaurant company, Flink a Mexican financial services platform that has already surpassed one million users and Nuvocargo a technology startup that is transforming the logistics sector starting with the U.S.-Mexico route. For more information, visit

About Mountain Nazca

Based in Mexico City, Mountain Nazca is a venture capital firm focused on providing revolutionary empowerment for Latin American founders. Mountain Nazca was founded in 2013 and has supported several relevant Latin American and global companies including Luuna, Kavak, Urbvan, Crehana, Justo, Momentus Space and Entocycle, among others. For more information visit