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Industry News Receives Series A of US$1.6m from CVentures Primus

2 October 2015

(Press Release) Subscription based services have been growing globally over the last years, ranging from traditional movies and music. The model is spreading across new segments, including beer and wine, shaving blades and dog food., a Sao Paulo, Brazil, based start up is opening a new segment providing laundry services, where customers can subscribe to one of the plans, based on their monthly demand. Twice a week the company will pick up and deliver at your door, while customers can check online the status of each piece of clothing.

To provide this business model, the company lead by its co-founders, Humberto de Andrade Soares and Gilson Gonçalves, focused on innovation, both in systems and process. With centralized production, the company has systems that controls each part of the process, while providing customers online tracking, checking status of services, and accessing information about deliveries, invoices, previous activities and even pictures of each piece.

The tracking technology allows the company to use a centralized laundry process, achieving growth with scale that combines with a web interface for customers bringing superior services with lower cost. This potential and the profile of the founders attracted two Brazilian based VC Funds: CRP Empreendedor and CVentures Primus, leading to an investment round in early September.

Currently the company operates only in the Sao Paulo metro area, but expects to expand the services to other cities in the region and other states, including Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. The investment round will support the customer base expansion and the construction of a new production facility, which is expected to provide further cost reduction in a eco friendly process, that can reduce the consumption of water up to 90% in comparison with domestic laundry process.