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Advent Receives US$100m Commitment from Oregon Investment Council for Latin America Fund VII

25 September 2019

Oregon Investment Council, which runs the US$76.6b Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund, committed US$100m to Advent Latin America Private Equity Fund VII. According to Reuters, the new Advent Latin America fund has a target of US$2.2b.

(Pensions & Investments) Oregon Investment Council, which runs the $76.6 billion Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund, Tigard, committed $1.6 billion to alternative investment strategies.

The pension fund committed $250 million each to a joint venture to invest in industrial real estate with LBA Realty and Walton Street Real Estate Core Plus fund, according to CIO John Skjervem, who spoke at the council’s Sept. 18 meeting.

Oregon also committed $250 million to Veritas Capital Fund VII, a buyout fund managed by Veritas Capital Fund Management; $200 million to an energy private equity investment with QL Capital Partners; $150 million to CVC Capital Partners Asia V, an Asia-Pacific buyout fund; and $100 million to Appian Natural Resources Fund II, managed by Appian Capital Advisory.

Oregon officials also committed another $250 million to a private equity fund managed by Pathway Capital Management. Oregon Investment Council had committed $250 million to the Pathway fund in March.

Council officials also committed $100 million to Advent Latin America Private Equity Fund VII and $50 million to Advent Global Technology fund, both managed by Advent International.