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Adobe Capital Completes Mezzanine Investment in Biorganimex

2 February 2014

(Press Release) Adobe Capital announced the completion of a mezzanine investment in Biorganimex, the leading provider of sustainable home cleaning products in Mexico.

Under the Greenland brand name, Biorganimex manufactures and distributes 100% biodegradable and non-toxic home cleaning products in a variety of presentations for use in laundry, surface, kitchen and bathroom applications. The Company’s products are currently the only in the Mexican market that biodegrade entirely within 30 days, are non-toxic, as well as chlorine and phosphate free. Likewise, the Company’s containers seek to use twice recycled post-consumer materials whenever possible, thus lowering the overall environmental impact of its products on the planet. In line with this mission, Biorganimex continuously seeks to find new and innovative sustainable cleaning solutions that include eco-friendly packaging in order to better match the expectations of its target client base.

Biorganimex began distributing products through niche sustainable product outlets in Mexico City back in 2008, and by 2013, its Greenland brand products were present within all major nationwide retail chains, including WalMart, Soriana, Chedraui, HEB and Comercial Mexicana.

Following its remarkable growth, this investment will allow the Company to solidify its position as the leading provider of quality, sustainable home cleaning products in Mexico, further allowing it to consolidate its operations nationwide and increase its market share within major national retailers.

Adobe Capital is a Mexico City-based impact investment fund focused on supporting the early growth of promising social and environmental companies though a mix of flexible financing and strategic support via its close relationship with New Ventures Mexico.