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The AVM I Co-Investment Fund Invests in Meridia

1 February 2014

The AVM­‐I Co-­Investment Fund, formalized its investment in Meridia, Senior Day Care Center, which offers essential services for senior citizens, operating exclusively during the day.

The center gears its services toward senior citizens over 60 years of age who, while having some level of dependency, maintain a high level of physical activity, cognitive, or social capacities, and are looking to participate in programs and activities to improve their well-­‐being and health.

The center was founded in 2013, with one center already in operation on calle Amores in colonia del Valle, by Gustavo Loreto and Marco Álvarez. The two entrepreneurs are looking to expand and to continue to change the lives of seniors and their families through the Gerocare method, a comprehensive geriatric system.

“Looking at how this dream is growing, we’re starting a new stage of our development thanks to this second round of investment, making possible the inauguration of two new centers in strategic areas of Mexico City. Our goal is to open 20 centers in the next 5 years. We want to serve more families and seniors through this project, and grow it together”, said Marco Álvarez, the Founding Partner of Meridia.

On the recent investment, Hernán Fernández, Managing Partner at Angel Ventures México comments: “It s exciting to see how a success story from our network of angel investors is expanding ever larger. Meridia is a clear example of how there still is room for innovation in business models. But without a doubt, the firm has a solid management team and top-­‐tier investors which definitely have astonished us with their potential… Not to mention the lives of thousands of seniors that will be changed.”

The AVM-­‐I Co-­‐Investment Fund is an early-­‐stage private equity investment fund administered by Angel Ventures Mexico. Meridia is the sixth investment made to-­‐date by the fund since its creation in 2013.