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Mexico Development Partners Investments in Grupo Filoa

29 September 2016

(AMEXCAP) Mexico Development Partners announced that it completed an investment in catering provider, Grupo Filoa, in exchange for 30.0% of the Company’s shares.

Grupo Filoa is a Mexican company that offers universities and corporations a range of catering services, from off-site preparation and delivery to an in-house, ten-brand food court solution.

The Company operates 40 sites mainly in the metropolitan area in Mexico City and the State of Mexico. Grupo Filoa has three business lines: 1) Full-service food court solution with ten distinct brands modeled after popular North American fast food options 2) Contracted catering, which allows clients to choose from service options ranging from daily delivery to full-scale, in-house operations and customize meals 3) Two restaurants that bring in additional revenues and provide the kitchen space to prepare meals for delivery clients.

“The Food Services Industry in Mexico is highly fragmented, for this reason, we believe that there is a great opportunity to consolidate market share with in the industry, by offering a superior standardized service to clients.” Said Pablo Cervantes, Partner at Mexico Development Partners.

“We are very excited with the investment of Mexico Development Partners in the Company, with their help we are sure that we will scale the Company to the next level and achieve our goals.” Said Juan Jose Villareal Portilla, CEO of Grupo Filoa .