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Mechanisms of Innovation and Competitiveness

11 July 2006

Movimento Brasil Competitivo
Brasilia, Brazil


To what extent is the preoccupation of entrepreneurs from the Life Science area towards the innovation of goods and processes? What history of cooperation are the Technology Based Enterprises – TBEs constructing within the universities, local markets, regional and global spaces? Above all, in what manner structures such as Scientific and Technological Parks – STPs will contribute to transform those islands of boldness and the future view in concrete alternatives of excellence and productivity? Those and other indagations were the milestones that motivated the elaboration of such report, conveniently entitled “Mechanisms of Innovation and Competitiveness.”

The title, succinct in its appearance, brings in its core a great effort to collect and manipulate data from the 5 Brazilian Institutions that were criteria selected in the category of STP – Scientific and Technological Park. The initiative, undertaken by the Center of Support to Technology Development from the University of Brasilia, under the coordination of Movimento Brasil Competitivo and with the indispensable support from Merck Sharp and Dohme Brazil, was carried out in a diligent collection of facts about the following Institutions:

Northeast Region
– Parque de Desenvolvimento Tecnológico-PADETECFortaleza/
Southeast Region
– Fundação Biominas em Belo Horizonte/BH,
– Fundação Bio-Rio/RJ,
– Parque Científico e Tecnológico de Campinas/SP (Inova)
South Region
– Parque Tecnológico da Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul – Tecnopuc/RS.

The 5 STPs analyzed, in operation for more than two years, were selected with the focus on TBEs in the Life Science area. The objective of the study was to analyze those experiences and present an assessment methodology essential for the creation of an environment to foster innovation and competitiveness for the TBEs. In other words, it sought among the STPs analyzed the seeds for the similar flourishing initiatives in other parts of the Brazilian territory.