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Ideiasnet Speeds Up E-Commerce Innovation with Investment in Ciashop

26 May 2011

(Ideaisnet) May 26, 2011 – Ideiasnet (Bovespa: IDNT3), a Brazilian venture capital company that invests in the technology sector, has acquired 50% of Ciashop, a pioneer in e-commerce solutions in Brazil.

Ciashop has two e-commerce platforms: “SMB” and “Framework”. The SMB platform is geared towards small and medium-sized businesses that need an accessible solution that can be implemented rapidly, while the Framework platform is directed towards medium-sized and large businesses who need the flexibility and autonomy to create competitive differentials. According to Mauricio Trezub, founder and CEO of Ciashop, Ciashop Framework clients had become fed up with the limitations and slowness of their previous e-commerce platforms and felt the need for more speed and the autonomy to create solid competitive advantages over their competitors in order to grow.

The transaction, announced at the same time as the disclosure of Ideiasnet’s 1Q11 financial results and reinforced at last Monday’s conference call, shows that the new investments will be focused on the e-commerce, media and mobile solution segments, although the Company already has assets in telecoms, infrastructure and services.

According to Sami Haddad, Ideiasnet’s CEO, the stake in Ciashop will give the Company a strategic position in the e-commerce segment together with its current portfolio companies. “Thanks to the entry of Ciashop into our portfolio, our e-commerce investments will be beginning a virtuous cycle with an increasing focus on the value chain, underpinned by the pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit of a company with a track record of success – a success that we expect to multiply, generating excellent results for our investees’ clients and our shareholders,” he declared.

For Mauricio Trezub, the association with Ideiasnet will ensure even better and more innovative services for Ciashop’s clients. “Framework Ciashop’s pioneering platform, considered the most advanced in the market for shopkeepers who also want to be e-commerce leaders, will receive a huge impetus from the partnership with Ideiasnet, gaining access to the most comprehensive offering of tools that will revolutionize the way we sell on-line,’ he explained.

(via PR Newswire)

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