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DUX Capital Invests US$200k in Baud

3 December 2019

DUX Capital made a US$200k seed investment in Baud, a Mexican edtech for children 6-12 years old, and a US$500k investment in EPICA, a Miami-based customer data platform. Mountain Nazca Colombia, The Venture City and others participated in the EPICA round.

(Press Release) Dux Capital made the sixth investment of its first fund, DX1, in the promising startup Baud. Baud is a company that offers educational experiences through emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The company’s first product, Bucky, offers children (6-12), the opportunity to approach and learn technology and robotics through an intuitive platform that includes a physical robot and a storytelling dynamic.

Education Technology or better known as EdTech¸ is a market that has grown exponentially and has already reach USD$6tn global value. Dux Capital saw a great investment opportunity and a continuous commitment for Latam’s education through emerging technologies. The seed investment from Dux totaled USD$200k.

Baud was founded by Pedro Porras and Enrique Preza, who have extensive experience in the field of technology applied to education, validated by multiple awards obtained both nationally and internationally. They have also been important professors in courses such as Robotics and Entrepreneurship in prestigious universities in Mexico.

Baud has won several awards throughout recent years, such as the Honorable Mention of the Design Week Mexico User Experience, creditors of the first place in the Ideas contest made in Mexico by the Department of Communications and Transportation and the award of Project We Love by Kickstarter.