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Capital Indigo Invests in Deli Dips & Snacks

1 April 2016

(Press Release) Capital Indigo announced an investment in Deli Dips & Snacks, a food manufacturing company focused on specialty food in the better-for-you segment that resulted from the spin-off of Interdeli’s snacks and dips division.

Everardo Camacho, commented: “Since our initial investment in Interdeli back in 2014, Capital Indigo has maintained a very productive relationship with the company´s management team and board members. Together, we have helped the firm achieve exponential growth over the recent years. The strategic decision to split Interdeli’s business in two separate companies makes a lot of sense commercially and financially. With this separation and the new Capital Indigo investment, we aim at capturing meaningful opportunities in these growing markets.”

Maan Hamade, CEO of Interdeli stated: “The spin-off will allow each business to operate in a more efficient way and to continue improving their value propositions. Besides, their independent management teams will be able to achieve further specialization and operational excellence. We are very excited by the prospects of the stand-alone companies and the plans for introducing new products to the market.”